Before and After Images List

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Back Porch

Back Porch 2

Back Yard

Back Yard 2

Back Yard Walkway

Back Yard Wall

Back Yard 3

Back Yard 5

Back Yard Landscaping

Back Yard Scrape


Corner Bungalow

Cozy House

Decatur Jungle

Deck Base Materials

Driveway Area

Family Friendly Backyard

Far End of Driveway

Fence Wall Area

Front Entry Way

Grant Park

Grant Park 2

House Hillside

House Hillside 2

House Stairs

Drawn In Stairs

Stairs Further Back

Kids Play Yard

Morningside Patio

Patio - Excellent Results

Porch Privacy Screen

Retaining Wall Set 1

Retaining Wall Set 2

Sidewalk Patio


Stairs 2

Stone Side Steps

Storefront Area


Timber to Stone Conversion

Zen Garden

Zen Garden 2

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