Useful Landscaping & Gardening Related Links

Backyard Gardener
Plants and gardening information
Dave's Garden
Gardening megasite! Everything about plants, gardening, insects, diseases, weeds, you name it, it's there
Gardening Witticisms
View some inspirational quotes from gardeners and authors.
This website provides excavators and contractors with important information including Georgia laws and policies related to safe digging and proper marking standards.
LAM Tax Advisory
Highly recommended Atlanta area tax advisor and financial coach.
National Tree Benefit Calculator
Wanna know what your trees on your property are worth? (by Davey Tree Co)
Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.
A great mail order collection of perennials and the funniest descriptions of plants by Tony Avent
Large university database of plant information
Sunshine Farm and Gardens
Great mail order perennials / pictures and info
Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener
A great library of Georgia gardening information by a great Ga (former) Extension Service Agent

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