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Mother Nature calls upon Above the Hedges

The secret to any fabulous looking lawn or landscape begins with the irrigation system. When Mother Nature forgets to deliver enough water – or when she dumps too much upon us – it poses a problem for your landscaping.

Not enough water for your plant beds or grass will lead to dead plants or parched lawns. Above the Hedges can save you money on your water bill, too. If your sprinklers have sprung a leak, we’ll fix ‘em. If your lawn is over or under watered, we’ll fix it. We offer top notch irrigation systems that will stand up to the daily beating of weather patterns, wear and tear, and that will work in the most effective manner.

Plus, not everyone lives in an area where they can use unlimited amounts of water. That’s another reason why it’s so valuable to have professionals that accurately set your water irrigation systems to prevent you from getting costly fines, if you happen to live in an area that has water restrictions.

Do you have drainage problems? Water damage can be costly and unforgiving to your landscaping. One of our specialties is in making sure the grades in your yard are properly draining water. Let the professionals take a look.

“Your attention to detail on our water feature was outstanding and your patience with my commentaries very much appreciated. I truly felt as if you were designing and building this for your own home -- it looks like a North GA waterfall in my back yard in Morningside! I enjoyed the construction details almost as much as the finished result. Use me anytime for a reference.”
- DT in Candler Park
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"Dennis was friendly, honest, and straightforward with us regarding our drainage work. He and his crew had the job done in good time, and the results were even better than anticipated."
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“It took a long time to get the work done because of the weather, but Dennis did a wonderful job. I also want to add he was very good at assessing the drainage problems and looking for solutions beyond what he does. I would HIGHLY recommend Above the Hedges. "
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