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Create Curb Appeal with Cool Ideas

Are you thinking of giving your yard a complete makeover, but don’t know where to start? Above the Hedges are creative experts in the art of landscaping design. Once you have made up your mind about making a change, you can call us for a consultation. We’ll even include a trendy worksheet to outline the whole job. Let us sit down with you and show you how we can make your landscape dreams come true. Or if you already have a design or plan previously obtained, let us quote it for you!

Many people don’t realize that enhancing the landscaping can increase the value of their home by as much as 20%. Now that’s a cost effective solution – whether you’re buying or selling in Atlanta!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Landscape Maintenance Your yard looks boring, outdated and worn out.
Landscape Construction You're selling your home and want to snazzy it up.
Drip Irrigation All you neighbors' yards look better than yours.
Hardscaping - Stone Walks, Walls, Patios, Pathways, Fire Pits, Water Features, Rock gardens and more You're too busy to keep up with the yard.
Garden Plantings Your major plantings are named Kudzu, Wisteria Vine and Thorn Bush!

There are a number of reasons why your yard doesn’t look the way you want it to. Above the Hedges knows which plants thrive in the Atlanta area. Let us at it! We’d love to fix up your landscaping and apply our knowledge to your residential landscaping needs. Just give us a chance to impress you and we can create a luscious paradise, right in your own front and backyard.

Looking spiffy in a jiffy

When it comes to landscaping construction, nothing compares a beautiful waterfall or fountain gleaming amongst a lavish bed of flowers and shrubs. This kind of complex construction and design has to be handled by a professional company like Above the Hedges. Some ideas include:

brick gravel & stone walkways New steps and natural walkways - brick, stone or gravel
terraces and retaining walls Terraces and retaining walls
rock gardens Rock gardens - "the boulder solution"
vegetable and herb gardens Edible herb and vegetable gardens
waterfalls and water features Water features - from a bubbling vase to a pondless waterfall
outdoor fireplaces and shade gardens Outdoor fireplaces and shade gardens
lawn renovations Space redesigns and lawn renovations - including clearing, debris removal,etc.
special groundcovers for shady areas Special groundcovers where lawns can't grow - (Ask about our "shady deals" where lawns won't grow)
shrubs hedges trees and flowers New shrubbery, hedges, trees and flowers

Call now at 404-388-3477 or use our Request A Quote form for a free initial consultation about quality landscaping ideas in intown Atlanta at a great value.

“Dennis contacted me right away and was very helpful. He did a great job and even completed the first session in a tight turnaround so that our yard would be presentable for my family coming into town that weekend. He is very professional. I would definitely refer him to my friends & family!"
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“We were getting ready to sell our house and with the market the way it is we knew it lacked curb appeal. When we called Above the Hedges, Dennis' keen eye suggested how to easily make it beautiful for our open house. Now I don't even want to leave!”
- TM in Morningside
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